Who is “The Reptile Apartment Group”?

Reptile Apartment GroupThe Reptile Apartment Group is a combination of sites developed to encompass the entirety of the herpetoculture community at large. Through our sites, we provide the herpetoculture community with the best resources possible to expand and incorporate future endeavors as well as future herpetoculturists through education. To that end, we have developed the following sites with specific intent and focus on various aspects of the herpetoculture community.

Reptile Apartment was developed as a site where herpetoculturists both new and old could gather information on not only how to care for any given species but also as an editorial outlet where news and other quality written media could be acquired.

Reptile Living Room was originally developed as a way to bring Reptile Radio Broadcasting to iTunes in the form of independent broadcasting which is not governed by someones advertisements etc. we are still the only independent reptile radio broadcast available today.

Herpetoculture House eZine came into development through a desire to create a herpetoculture based publication that would focus on the content of reptile, amphibian, and invertebrate care in captivity. Today those efforts are expanding to encompass not only captive care but conservation, kids interested in herpetoculture, as well as sections dedicated to the beginner, intermediate, and advanced keepers as well as spotlighting quality breeders in the herpetoculture community.

Reptile Apartment Canada was developed for the Canadian Reptile Community as the saw a large gap in the herpetoculture community there. With the same driving forces that launched the Reptile Apartment we launched Reptile Apartment Canada with a desire to bring the same written reports and care articles to the herpetoculture community that exists in what is affectionately known as The Great White North.