Sharing the Passion of Reptiles

The Passion of Reptiles

John _ Becky Pet Valu Sussex

John _ Becky Pet Valu Sussex

Reptiles _ their mysterious nature have been the all consuming factor of my life for over a decade now. Sharing the passion of reptiles, is where I began my career. Today, I had the incredible opportunity to be invited to local pet store to do a reptile presentation. I called up our colleague _ sprung the idea on him. He jumped at the chance!
Serpentime Reptile Zoo, Dan Reiley, _ myself, spent the next month in an adventure of emails, phone calls, text messages, and various other communications, all to finally end with one thing.

Educational Outreach

Dan, Becky, _ myself reached out with our personal time _ educated a crowd of well over 200 changing faces today. Reptiles were scary, frightening, _ for some completely terrifying today. Then I heard this

“Give me five minutes to help you understand”

Right there, in that moment, reptiles became less feared, _ for many of the crowd became a creature to respect. Dan _ Becky did most of the outreach if I’m honest about it. It was a good feeling to be out in the public in real time.

The Keys to Reptile Outreach

Becky Sharing a House Snake.

Becky Sharing a House Snake.

Here’s the thing, we’ve all seen it _ some of us (myself included) have been keyboard warriors. Running up our various flags of discontent but never offering a realizable solution. I’ve written _ produced, alongside colleagues, from both herpetoculture _ herpetology a large amount of content regarding reptile captive care.
Internet content is fleeting in our attention starved, media hungry environment of today. Ray Morgan, Myke Clarkson, myself _ James talked about this in Cinematography _ Herpetology on Reptile Livingroom 2.0 LIVE! Brandon Fowler of Roaming Reptiles gets it, Serpentime Reptile Zoo gets it, why doesn’t everybody? Reach out to the public. Plain _ simple.

Put the keyboards away _ get out there!

We must meet the public on their terms _ conditions to make the impact we need to change the long held generalized fear of reptiles. Reach out to the pet stores, shelters, and anywhere else that deals with ANY kind of pet. Share with your neighbours and your community!

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