Tails from the DarkSide

Physignathus lesueuriiDon’t be alarmed, this DarkSide isn’t very dark at all.  In fact, it may just prove to be a little enlightening!  The title of this page is a play on my business name, DarkSide Dragons; and I chose it because DarkSide is how I got my start with the Canadian Reptile Community.  Most reptile folk know me as “DarkSide Elizabeth”, and I am proud to have my business name known in the Canadian hobby.  (In case you were wondering, “DarkSide” comes from my nerdy facination with the movie Star Wars.) Anyhoo, back to this page!  The purpose of “Tails from the DarkSide” is to provide an editorial space of sorts for my opinion pieces that really do not fit neatly into any of our other categories.  I hope you find these articles interesting and thought provoking.  Come, lets take a walk on the DarkSide!


April 18, 2012  Global News’ Snakes in the City – Calgary’s Keepers Under Attack?

April 5, 2012   I wish we knew about pet bearded dragons when you guys were kids. . .

August 9, 2012   In Business: Breeding Reptiles for Profit





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