Reptile Keepers Consciousness

Reptile keepers consciousness
 The Reptile keepers Consciousness is a collection of editorial/opinion articles about topics that impact the Canadian reptile community. Various Reptile Apartment Canada authors will be represented in the Reptile Keepers Consciousness posts, and you can look forward to diverse topics and opinions that specifically address the current representation of reptiles in the Canadian media as well as address the concerns of reptile keepers all over Canada. This page is dedicated to personal viewpoints on not only the Canadian reptile community but also the inner workings of the Canadian reptile markets. Here we address key topics and controversial subjects to get the reptile keepers community talking. Please leave your comments and ideas about what you read here, we love to hear from other reptile keepers out there!

Is that snake happy in that little container?

Reptiles and the Law – A Question of Perspective

Herpetoculture in Canada: Diversity or Decline?

Introducing Reptiles to Children

Morphs: Have we gone too far?

Morphs? Have we gone too far? A follow up to readers


Reptile Keepers Consciousness:Tropiocolotes steudneri, Gecko Hill Collection

Reptile Keepers Consciousness:Tropiocolotes steudneri, Gecko Hill Collection

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