Ball Python (Python regius) Snake on a tree

Normal Ball Python

Snakes are in our view one of the easier of the reptile species when it comes to care as they don’t require as much space as would say a lizard or turtle or tortoise of equivalent proportions. If you are just starting out in reptiles we would generally recommend beginning with snakes if you like snakes that is. Now then because we said snakes don’t require as much room doesn’t mean we condone the use of the rack systems. Yes, we do understand that in some instances they have their place. We believe however that the more naturalistic approach with environment enrichment and changing the stimulus of the enclosure has much more benefit for the health of the snake overall.

The snakes we most often recommend for those just getting into reptiles are the Rosy Boa, Corn Snake, _ of course the old faithful Ball Python. The following links will take you to a general overview the family that you might be interested in. Below those overviews you will find specific links to captive care articles.