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Crested Gecko Lizard

Crested Gecko Lizard

Lizard is the common name of the scientific classification Suborder Sauria (Lacertilia). Reptile Apartment Canada, aims to cover the captive care requirements of as many commonly kept lizards as possible. If you have a species of lizard you would like us to cover use the contact us tab to send us a message. We are always on the look out for new writers and article ideas.

If you want to stay updated on the changes and receive other reports, preview chapters of books we write sign up for our free newsletter. Here you will find a nice variety of captive care information on the lizards Canadians share their homes with. Click on the species name to be taken to the care article. These are the species that we have covered so far.

Captive Crested Geckos (R. ciliatus)

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