Reptiles in the Far North

Reptiles in the Far North is a Guest Post by Marcy L. Sowers of MS2 Enterprises. Reptile Keeping in the North? Like many reptile keepers I stumbled onto reptiles quite unexpectedly. I had bred African Cichlids for some time and was quite knowledgeable about them. My local Alaskan pet store offered me two tiny bearded […]

pogona vitticeps

Python regius adoption

Saving Herpetoculture: Canadian Style

Saving herpetoculture, interesting that. I never would have guessed over ten years ago now, that I would say to our Tribe, ‘We need to save herpetoculture.’

Reptile Humidity: Does it really matter?

Reptile Humidity ‘Humidity, what is it good for? Absolutely everything! Say it again!’ So, that’s a horrible reference showing my penchant for song lyric tie-ins. In all seriousness, many keepers are  unaware of the benefits of properly humidifying a reptile or invertebrate’s enclosure. In today’s article, ‘Reptile Humidity: Does it really matter?,’ we not only discuss […]

P. regius