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Herp Authors | Open Call

Open Call for Herp authors in the following areas Reptile, Chelonian, Crocodilia, Amphibian, and Invertebrate authors within Europe and Canada.

Reptile Apartment Group is growing once again and expanding their borders as it were. We are currently redesigning Reptile Apartment Canada and are considering further expansion. Here’s the “WIFM” (What’s in it for me) answer.

We are casting an open call to any and all herp authors who would be interested in providing us with (1) 1,000 – 2,000 word article each month and we will place a 125×125 sponsorship space for you and or your company Free of charge.

To each article we add a donation code directly attached to your work. At the end of each month, when someone donates to your specific work you will receive a PayPal Payment for 50% of the donation received. The remaining 50% is used by Reptile Apartment in order to pay necessary fees to allow the sites to run.

What we need from you at this time.

Please Visit this link This is a brief ten question survey to allow us to sort through who would be best suited to which areas of the sites. There is very limited space available for sponsorships. We are accepting in the order of first come first served.

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