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Amphibian captive care.

Giant Frogs: Pixies, Pac Man, & Freddie Krueger?

If you’ve somehow avoided the popular videos of giant frogs eating, then we suggest the best one we’ve seen yet. A giant amphibian who gets pissed at not being able to catch the prey items on an iPhone game. It … Continue reading

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Reptiles: What’s Allowed in New Brunswick

As I’m sure we are all well aware of now, two children lost their lives while at a sleepover at Reptile Ocean Inc. located in Campbellton, NB. Allegedly, an African Rock Python (Python sebae) escaped its enclosure and then asphyxiated … Continue reading

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Yankee Field Herping in Canada

What is Yankee Field Herping in Canada? So back in June of 2012 our colleague Rob Vendramelli wrote a piece called Field Herping – Canadian Style. In his piece he spoke about not only how to go herping but also … Continue reading

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