Rob Pettipas

Photo of Robert PettipasMy name is Rob Pettipas, and biology, evolution, conservation and above all education are my passions. My love of the natural world started when I was a wee lad growing up in New Brunswick Canada. I would be instantly drawn to documentaries about dinosaurs, insects and arachnids and of course reptiles. I can always picture my parents eternal frustration with me bringing home all sorts of snakes, frogs and turtles from local ponds and fields. One time I had about 20 assorted green frogs, leopard frogs and bullfrogs in my garage in a series of tubs and buckets and seemingly all of them got out overnight. You can imagine my fathers surprise when we took out the garbage in the morning! The love and passion only escalated when I got my first turtle as a pet and affectionately named him “Gamera”(after the giant japanese kaiju that devastated Tokyo and saved the children of the earth). Throughout school I excelled at biology and was even accused of cheating during tests as the subject seemingly came natural to me. Many years have gone by since I kept my first boa constrictor and from then on it was a full-blown passion. I needed to keep more diverse animals, and learn everything I could about them and spread this knowledge with whoever would listen. I am a firm believer in challenging myths associated with large constrictors and of reptiles in general. To have a science based view of the world requires us, no demands us to have a skeptical viewpoint as well. Science and education should take the center stage in a world full of fear and misinformation and my promise to you, the reader is to give you an objective, science based take on any subject I will cover.

While reptiles are usually front and center in my life, I am also an avid cook (with my own YouTube cooking show, Pack a Lunch) with a preference for southern, low country cooking. I have a wonderful wife Nicolette and offspring on the way. I am active in our local secular/free-thinker/humanist community where we usually just have a pint or two and discuss science.

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