Rebecca Billard

ProfileRebecca Billard has been a fan of reptiles and amphibians as far back as she can remember. Native to New Brunswick there are only a few species of snake, salamanders, amphibians and turtles. Some of her fondest memories were of catching and observing native herps. Hatching baby frogs, healing injured snakes, as well as defending the tadpole ponds at school from kids who didn’t understand the delicate balance of the wetland ecosystems.

After a few years of having only corn snakes, Rebecca (Becky to her friends) has gotten back into caring for many different species of snake and reptile. She is also working on a few breeding programs of bearded dragon and uromastyx. Always learning and researching new topics in the herp community Becky has joined and administrates multiple reptile communities. Through one in particular, Reptile Owners Of Canada on Facebook, she connected with John F Taylor Owner of The Reptile Apartment Group which includes this site as well as Reptile Apartment, Reptile Living Room, and Herpetoculture House. Two people with a passion connected; that lead to them connecting on a different level…let’s just say they’re now living together happily in the great white north and working together to realize their dreams.

After realizing our mutual goals in helping educate new reptile keepers, they began to collaborate on ideas over the internet. One mutual goal was to create a site and magazine that reptile lovers around the world could learn from and stay up to date with current reptile news.

Note from Becky:

“I am extremely excited to be on board with all the great people here at Reptile Apartment Canada. I am happy to announce that I am the new Content Director here at RAC, and will be working alongside John as well as many talented and creative people who contribute, write and share with the community. This year 2013, is the year of the snake. It is said to be a year of steady progress and great attention to detail. I am dedicated to focusing my energy into growing RAC and getting our content out there, and of course spreading the news of the reptile community here in Canada.”

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  1. Dustin Waugh says:

    So excited to learn more about bearded dragons, happy to be part of your site! :)

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