Nick Molnar

Nick’s reptile career started at age 10 in 1984 and since he can remember he had a fondness for animals in general, and a large appetite for more knowledge. Preferring to learn “hands on”, Nick applied to several local pet shops and before long finally got accepted to one of them. Soon after his first lizards followed green anoles. During this experience,  Nick learned first hand what it is like to dedicate time and energy into caring for reptiles. Nick’s pet shop career continued, working at several pet stores and reptile shops over the years,  eventually working for a reptile wholesaler where he became known to retail stores  as the “go to” guy for quality animals to stock their stores. During this time, Nick began his reptile collection in earnest, switching his focus to the captive breeding of several species of geckos, chameleons and frogs.

This wasn’t enough for Nick, and his fascination with reptiles grew. He made several trips to Costa Rica to observe reptiles in their natural habitat. He eventually spent over two years in Costa  Rica at two different reptile facilities, soaking up knowledge in a setting he truly loved, while assisting with educating visitors and locals alike on the animals he loved.  Nick’s current focus is to continue to learn as much as he can about reptiles, while also determining how best to bring his knowledge to the public; emphasizing the natural history, breeding, and conservation of  reptiles and the habitats they rely on to thrive.

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