Kaitlyn Miller

Kaitlyn Miller is  21 years old and has owned reptiles for twelve years. She  recently graduated from George Brown College, from the Early Childhood Education program. Currently, she is working as an RECE in a senior preschool class.  In her spare time Kaitlyn loves to take photographs, scrapbook and of course, care for her reptiles.

Kaitlyn got her first corn snake as a gift  from her dad, a normal male. He really started her love of reptiles. Reptiles are her passion, and have been part of her life for a long time. Kaitlyn has owned quite a few different species of snakes, lizards and even tortoises, and has  enjoyed owning and caring for rosy boas, crested geckos, and even a Hermann’s tortoise.

At this time, Kaitlyn has a male and female bearded dragon, a male high yellow leopard gecko, a female red foot tortoise, several ball python morphs, and a trio of  corn snakes.

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