Corinne Rikkelman

Corinne Rikkelman has always been fascinated with reptiles. As a child she’d accompany her family when they went golfing and steal away to the water traps looking for some local fauna. She made many a road trip out to the snake pits at Narcisse, MB. Due to misinformation provided by a pet store she was not allowed to keep any reptiles growing up and because of this she is now adamant about keeping people properly informed about reptile husbandry.

When Corinne moved out, she was finally able to purchase her first reptile. After extensive research she bought a Crested Gecko and has been smitten ever since. She has kept snakes and amphibians, but absolutely adores the Rhacodactylus genus and has a full-blown breeding colony of Cresties.

She is a student in a Communications Course at Red River College in Winnipeg, Manitoba, which focuses on journalism, media production, advertising and public relations. She has a special interest in prehistoric marine reptiles.

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