Christine Archer

Christine Archer’s love for all things reptilian began at a young age. She visited the Toronto Zoo regularly as a young child, and their impressive reptile and amphibian collection always got her attention. Christine grew up in a rural neighborhood, and her summer days were spent catching (and releasing!) native snakes and amphibians, as well as working to protect important habitat in her community.

Christine saw her first ‘pet’ reptile at a pet expo in Toronto as a teenager. It was a bearded dragon, and she knew that one day, she’d have one. Before she got that pet, Christine attended the University of Ottawa, and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biology. At the time, she was also working as a Veterinary Assistant at a clinic that treated reptiles. Christine also volunteered in the herpetology research lab at the university, and eventually went on to continue her education and became a Registered Veterinary Technician.  Her interests in the veterinary field still strongly include reptile medicine and husbandry.  Christine has  kept a wide variety of herps over the years, but currently keeps a small group of sand boas and other boas, as well as a few ball pythons, skinks of various species, a handful of colubrids and a colony of axolotls.

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