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My name is John F Taylor and I started The Reptile Apartment originally as a book to document all the species of reptile and invertebrate pets, their care, and natural history that could be kept within an apartment setting. Once I delved into the manuscript it was quickly apparent that this ‘book’ would eventually be too large as there were over 100 species to be covered. If you consider that most captive care books covering the same areas are a minimum of 40,000 words before edited I am sure you can see that this type of book would have been a lot more than just something you picked up at the library. Needless to say now, that project was left to go by the wayside.

Fast forward to January of 2010, I met Marco Corona and mentioned to him about the project. He in turn introduced me to the world of blogging and on April 5th in honor of my dad Richard E. Taylor I launched Reptileapartment.com which you may have read. In 2011, I met Elizabeth Semple and in January of the following year we began to talk on a regular basis. We talked about the fact that Canada while having a large interest in reptiles in general had no site where reptile enthusiasts could go to obtain accurate quality captive care information about all the species that people wanted to keep.

We decided that such a site was long overdue. Again, we turned to our circle of friends and recruited the very best in reptile authors, photographers, and even veterinary people to produce the best content currently available regarding the captive care of reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates. To this end we are happy, no we are ecstatic to present the Canadian reptile keepers with the only site available to find quality captive care information with regards to best practices when keeping the pets that we so adore. I asked Elizabeth to become our Operations Director, Canada and she kindly agreed and has probably regretted the decision more than once since then. All joking aside we would like to say, Welcome to Reptile Apartment Canada!

Rather than go into long dissertations of whom we are as individuals we decided if you want to know us individually we would provide everyone with their own page. To that end the links below will take you to our respective pages here within Reptile Apartment Canada.

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