An Open Letter: Canadian Government & Reptile Legislation

A letter to the people of Canada, and the Government that represents us

Hello, My Name is Rob and I have reptiles. In some circles I am known as an expert, someone who people will go to when they have questions or concerns about their scaly friends. I know these animals better than some, but one thing I know more than reptiles, are the people who keep them. We are seen as a fringe group, outsiders, not the norm. I have also seen many comments from people suggesting

“You need to be sick in the head to want to own a snake” or “Snakes are not pets, they are wild animals and people who keep them are just feeding their ego.”

I have read all of these comments berating myself and my brethren, and I also know there is an impending attack on us. I want to make this very clear to the government, the lawmakers and the misinformed public who wish to restrict us, and at worst take away our animals. We are not a fringe group, we are not the trailer park resident with a mullet and prison tats who own a boa like many perceive. We are educated university graduates. We are writers, who write about these animals more passionately than a women scorned would write a romance novel. We are the outgoing club fancying girl who bought one as an impulse, but fell in love with their new little buddy and started reading. We are breeders, who breed species for conservation. We are the kids who one time had a boa constrictor on their shoulders during a visit to a certain zoo with magnetic qualities. These are the reptile keepers whom the public gladly refers to as “sick in the head”. There are many more of us than you can possibly imagine.

Python sebae image

Courtesy of Wikipedia

You have to realize something, this tragedy, and how painful it is to think about, was a fringe incident. The animal in question (Python sebae) was not a pet, and you could not get one in pet stores. People that own these snakes are not the people you will be affecting with new ban laws. I cannot go into PJ’s pets and get a (Python molurus bivittatus). You will not be stopping people from harming themselves, you will be stopping people from learning, keeping and experiencing these wonderful animals.

I may not know the circumstances surrounding your backpedaling on who gave Reptile Ocean the prohibited animals. I do know what I have seen on the media. When it was brought to light that these animals were prohibited in NB, there was no one within the government who stepped in and said

“Yes, they are prohibited but this facility had animals that belonged to the government, they were not pets”.

For that, you should be ashamed, and before you think about bringing in new laws, ask yourself. What laws were broken to enable this accident to occur.

To all those who support a broad spectrum ban, and to those who will no doubt try to pass it as law I say to you. Be ready for a fight, and be ready to fight people who are smarter and more passionate about these animals than you will ever be. To quote a certain group of internet hooligans

“Expect us.”

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7 Responses to An Open Letter: Canadian Government & Reptile Legislation

  1. Ricky says:

    This line doesnt make sense to me:

    We are the outgoing club fancying girl who bought one as an impulse, but fell in love with their new little buddy and started reading

  2. justin says:

    wow… your letter hits all the right points. i keep seeing people commenting so negatively towards the whole situation it angers me deeply that people can be so cruel. i always use the example of .. if you have a cat and it attacks a kid cause i don’t know it pulled its tail. the cat reacts and claws the kids neck total accident where the cat attacked, evidently the cat will be put down but should we punish the owner to this kind of extreme most people will say no it was an accident. just like this was . the snake was interested in something and went in the pipe and fell thru landing on the kids, that could of reacted in way that the snake attacked to protect itself just like any other any animal would. any pet we have now a days can and could kill it all depends on the circumstances. sometimes they align and a tragedy happens its a part of life . best way to figure this out is how the snake got out and find a way to better the enclose them or anything else that help prevent this from happening again in any way making laws won’t help.. guidelines could aid somewhat, in the end its up to us to be sure of how we care and enclose reptiles, pets, birds, etc

    • Jonathan says:

      I used to own all sorts of reptiles and amphibians as well as a cat and dogs…..
      I can honestly say the cat or the dog should be banned first, i love all of gods creatures especially the snake, i have never been attacked by my snakes. but ive been attacked by dogs and my aunts cat. A cat can end your life with a good swipe in the wrong spot. as i got 4 stitches on my arm from Fred. Dogs have been known to loose there cool and kill in the past, cats suffocate infants and children. really come on people don’t be so nieve and narrow minded, f those none educated people.

  3. Shelly says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more, while what happened was a tragedy and very sad situation i think people are getting to paranoid and allowing one incident with a snake that was illegal to begin with spark a hate for all snakes. I mean if a person dies in a car accident does that mean cars should be banned or if someone dies in a house fire does that mean all sources that could make fire should be against the law? As i said i think what happened was a tragedy and a terrible thing but people are taking it and causing a mass hysteria about snakes of all kinds. I don’t own snakes and i would probably never own any because they are really not my kind of animal so i am not saying this as a snake lover i am saying it because its the truth there is no reason why they should be banned or why they should be regarded negatively. Why should responsible pet owners be punished for this situation?

  4. Panama69 says:

    Horses and dogs kill more people than snakes, I have been raising reptiles ever since I was 12 years old, l am now 49 you do the math, lol, I’ve owned retics, burmese, but now the only snake that I have is a colombian red tail boa that I had from his second day of life, he is five years old now and the only way the government can take him from me is to pry him out of my cold dead hands,, these animals are more than just pets, they are friends and they are family member, each pet snake has it’s own personality and are individuals, just like humans you can’t blame an entire species on the actions of a few that were owned by idiots who did not feed them properly or handle them enough, leave us responsible reptile keepers the hell alone !

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  6. tyler says:

    Thank you rob for writing this letter I am in total agreeance with you. Couldnt have said it better I have very many snakes and reptiles and a dog and cat which are all my pets reptiles are no different from my dog or cat. And to the government of canada you will get a fight until the very end you wouldnt know anything about these fantastic animals we call pets its a passion like no other…

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